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Happy 106th Birthday, Louise, from Your VNA Family

November 20, 2020


Our client, Louise, turned 106 recently, and that’s reason to celebrate! We honored her on her special day by bringing her a birthday cake, card, and lots of well wishes!

“The VNA was very nice to do this,” she said.

Louise has been a client of ours for almost four years. After she fell and required a hospital stay, it became apparent to her daughter, Carol, that her mother would need 24-hour care. The hospital physician recommended the VNA of Florida. Now, nearly four years later, Louise is still a member of our VNA family, using our home health aide services for round-the-clock care.

“They help me a lot,” Louise said with a smile, when asked about her caregivers.

Her VNA home health aides have been with her ever since she started rehabilitation upon being discharged from the hospital. Carol says this helped her reclaim her personal time without having to worry about her mother’s health or safety. “I could visit with her instead of having to be with her 24-hours a day,” she said.

Louise, a Stuart resident, spent much of her life volunteering, supporting local politics, and being an environmental activist. She founded the Martin County Schools volunteer program, which matches local tutors with students who are struggling academically. In 2014, Louise was awarded the Unsung Heroes of the Environmental Stewardship Awards for Keep Martin Beautiful. Louise credits her civic-mindedness to her father, who was very active in his community.

At 106 years of age, Louise is our oldest client. When asked about her secret to longevity, she says she enjoys a glass of red wine nightly, as well as a few pieces of dark chocolate. Her daughter Carol also credits the VNA for helping her mother maintain her independence, which helps her feel young. “Everyone is really dedicated to mom and treats her like gold,” Carol said.

We are very happy to have Louise as our client and to be a part of her special day. She has done so much for our community, it’s an honor to be able to give back to her. Happy birthday from your VNA family, Louise!


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