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Doctors make old-fashioned “house calls” to homebound patients in need of medical care

August 29, 2014

STUART – Remember when doctors would visit you in the comfort of your own home? “House calls,” which were once popular in the early 1960s, are now making a comeback with the help of the Visiting Nurse Association of Florida.

VNA of Florida continues to expand its services to accommodate those in need of medical care. Now, through its newest company the Visiting Physicians of the Treasure Coast(VPTC), patients who are not ambulatory can receive personalized care without the inconvenience of having to leave their home to go to a doctor’s office.

“Patients who are sick and need medical attention shouldn’t continue to suffer simply because they are immobile,” said Donald Crow, CEO of the Visiting Nurse Association of Florida. “Through our partnership with Visiting Physicians of the Treasure Coast, patients can now be evaluated by a physician in their home and continue to receive medical care until they are able to return to the office setting.”

Home health patients of the Visiting Nurse Association are required to see a primary care physician (PCP) in person within 30 days of receiving care. Unfortunately, many patients do not have a PCP and do not receive the necessary medical care. Doctors with Visiting Physicians of the Treasure Coast can now meet face to face with these homebound patients before referring them to one of the PCPs recommended by VNA.

If a primary care physician has a patient that becomes homebound, the PCP can refer that patient to Visiting Physicians of the Treasure Coast for temporary care. VPTC will work closely with the PCP until the patient can make it back into their office. Doctors will be notified whenever their patient is treated by VPTC and will have 24/7 access their patient’s medical records electronically.

Visiting Physicians of the Treasure Coast specialize in preventing hospitalizations, managing chronic conditions, monitoring symptoms, managing medications and treating acute illnesses, as well as assessing physical abilities and limitations. Their services are available to any patient finding difficulty making the trip into their doctor’s office, not just VNA patients.

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